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New Albany Heat Pump Conversion


Oil and propane furnaces might keep you warm, but they're older and prone to problems. First, 这些燃料的价格波动很大 depending on demand and other factors. Second, reliance on fossil fuels 是否因生态问题而成为减排目标. Fortunately—no matter what part of New Albany or Westerville you call home—there’s an HVAC option that comes almost free of drawbacks: electric heat pumps.

If you’re ready to make the switch, 或者只是想换掉你的旧热泵, we invite you to reach out to us at 614.349.3332. Our HVAC experts are here and ready to assist in not only with removing your old system, but also repairing or servicing your existing heat pump as well.

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It can help to 把热泵想象成一个可以反向运行的交流装置. When New Albany gets hot, your thermostat will tell the heat pump to turn on. This will power up the compressor and start the refrigerant cycling. Or, in the case of geothermal systems就会触发地下深处的进程. 这种液体从你家里的空气中吸收热量,冷却它. This—if you know anything about air conditioning—might sound pretty familiar. It’s what electric heat pumps do when the mercury dips that really sets them apart.

During the cooler parts of the year, the heat pump will operate in reverse. Instead of pushing the warmth outside, it extracts it from the air outside. 然后这些热量被输送到你的家里. A separate blower—or your existing furnace-然后推动空气在你的家里. This flexibility makes them a great option for anyone in after improved efficiency in New Albany. 即使你只是更换现有的热泵, 你仍然可能会看到一些舒适的改善.

Why You Might Want to Swap that Old Furnace for a Heat Pump in New Albany

Swapping a traditional HVAC system for a heat pump isn’t cheap, especially if you need ductwork service or a blower installed. 如果只看成本,你可能会却步. But, 如果你花时间比较炉子和热泵, 您会发现后者有许多吸引人的优点.

The 在新奥尔巴尼安装热泵的优点 and Westerville include:

  • More Consistent Heating: Unlike traditional heating systems在美国,热泵不会经常开关. 相反,它们在你的家里不断地循环空气.
  • Room-by-Room Control: Heat pumps make zoning your home’s HVAC easy. 需要给阁楼供暖,然后再给客厅供暖? This is an option with heat pumps.
  • No More Burning Smells: When you kick on your heater or furnace for the first time each season, you likely detect the scent of burning dust. 有了热泵,就不会有火灾和烟尘. 这意味着没有燃烧和烟味.
  • Eco-Friendliness: When it comes to emissions, heat pumps are one of the top performing HVAC systems. So, if going green is on your agenda, 在新奥尔巴尼获得热泵转换的报价.
  • Space Savings: Heat pumps can both heat and cool, eliminating the need for a bulky indoor system. 这样你就有了壁橱或地下室的空间.
  • Wide Compatibility: Live in a mansion? A small house? Have no ducts? 有了热泵,这些都不是问题. 它们的多功能性允许几乎无限的配置选项.
  • Lowered Energy Bills: Electric heat pumps offer huge savings when compared to traditional forced air systems. 如果你想知道它能帮你省多少取暖费或者 cooling 新奥尔巴尼的法案,给派拉蒙供热公司 & Air a call.

这并不是说电热泵是完美的. They also come with drawbacks. First, they need a secondary blower in order to distribute air effectively. Second, as temperatures drop below freezing, 热泵的效率大大降低, drawing higher amounts of electricity. Lastly, because they run year-round, heat pumps have a slightly shorter lifespan than heating and AC units. 但是,当美元对美元进行比较时,这些双重系统提供 最终在暖通十大网络彩票平台大全的便利性和投资回报.


随着政府推动更好的环保选择, a number of rebates are available 对于想要改用电热泵的居民. 在派拉蒙,我们随时了解最新的折扣和优惠. This allows us to provide our customers in New Albany and Westerville with the most bang for their buck. But we don’t just pass knowledge on to you, we help you apply it as well.

So, if you want to save thousands on your heat pump conversion in New Albany, reach out to the HVAC experts at 614.349.3332. 我们将与您一起完成申请流程的每一步.

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Heat Pump Myth Busting

如果你曾经依赖化石燃料供暖系统一段时间, you might be concerned about switching to newer heat pump technology. 你可能也听到过一些负面的事情. Here, we’ll debunk the top four myths about converting from a fossil fuel furnace to an electric heat pump.


In the 1980s, 热泵难以应对冰点以下的温度. But, since then, improvements allow these systems to easily handle temperatures as low as -13°F (-25°C). It should be noted, though, that they lose efficiency as the temperature dips towards that number.

Myth #2: You need a furnace backup.

While some homeowners prefer to install a secondary heating system like a furnace or heater it’s not a requirement. Cold climate heat pumps are masters of finding heat where there seems to be none. Though, in some circumstances, we may advise keeping your current furnace. The only way to know for sure, is to 十大网络彩票平台大全获得热泵转换的免费报价 in Westerville or New Albany.


如果你使用正确的技术,这个是假的. This myth got started because electric furnaces can be costlier than gas ones. But that’s because 火炉并不是最有效的电加热系统—heat pumps are! 因为这些系统只把热量从一个地方转移到另一个地方, 他们不需要给自己太多压力. This leads to 降低了新奥尔巴尼地区的暖通十大网络彩票平台大全成本.

Myth #4: Heat pumps are too expensive

Heat pumps may cost more than a new AC unit or furnace, but that makes sense since these appliances take care of both. So, before you balk at the cost, make sure that you’re making a fair comparison.

Now that you know the truth of these HVAC myths, we invite you to reach out to us at 614.349.3332 to look into 新奥尔巴尼地区的热泵转换.

Your Heat Pump Conversion Options

如果你想从化石燃料炉转向热泵, there are a number of different routes. 新奥尔巴尼的这些热泵转换选项包括:

Oil Furnace to Heat Pump

现在,你被绑在一个石油运输公司. A portion of your yard or basement is also likely taken up by a large oil tank. By converting from an oil furnace to a heat pump—or mixing the two with a dual fuel system—you can make heating your home much more efficient. For 热泵安装免费报价 在都柏林或新奥尔巴尼,请致电(614)349-3332.

Gas Furnace to Heat Pump

虽然天然气是三种选择中最便宜的, 热泵的效率比它高出约40%. The access to cooling service—which your gas furnace 也许没有——这是另一个考虑换工作的理由. 如果您通过电话或我们的网站十大网络彩票平台大全, 我们很乐意讨论细节并详细说明你需要多少钱 New Albany heat pump conversion could save you.

Propane Furnace to Heat Pump

尽管丙烷的运送频率比石油要低, 你仍然需要定期下车来保持舒适. An ugly tank or “pig”, though far smaller than the one seen in oil furnaces, is cluttering your yard. When you couple these things with the lower costs of an electric heat pump, 你可以看到人们为什么选择皈依. To get a quote on making the switch, reach out to us by phone or form.

已经有一个热泵,想要升级? Then, it might be worth exploring things like groundwater, dual-fuel, and ductless options.


完全转换燃料来源的成本可能令人望而却步. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to save while still protecting the environment and being more efficient? 这就是双燃料热泵发挥作用的地方. By alternating between your existing fuel source and the heat pump, they maximize your comfort.


  1. Environmental Improvements: By leaving your furnace dormant until the temperature becomes downright frigid, heat pumps minimize pollution. 安装热泵是环保的好方法.
  2. Cost Savings: If you keep your typical furnace, you’ll be tied to the current price of oil or natural gas. 这可能导致供应紧张期间价格急剧上涨. 有一个备用热泵可以让你摆脱这种依赖.
  3. Cold-Weather Reliability: 虽然热泵现在可以在低温下运行, 有些时候用炉子会做得更好. Dual fuel systems can switch between the two pieces of equipment as needed.
  4. Extended Equipment Lifespan: The split heating responsibility allows your heat pump and furnace to last longer than if they were operating on their own. This gives you more time to save up for a replacement and less time fretting over comfort.

Enjoy the best of all HVAC worlds with 派拉蒙的双燃料系统装置! Give us a call today to get a no-obligation quote on heat pump installation in New Albany.


If you want a way to both help your wallet and your planet, we invite you to reach out to us about switching to an electric heat pump. Thanks to technological advancements, these systems can handle whatever New Albany throws your way. 这使得它们非常适合俄亥俄州这一地区的任何家庭. For anyone with an existing heat pump, there are still plenty of reasons to get a quote on system replacement. 这些措施包括提高效率和采用双燃料技术.

自2012年起为新奥尔巴尼地区服务, Paramount has a history of satisfying customers. We provide all pricing upfront and only install the highest quality heating and cooling equipment. To get a quote on heat pump conversion in New Albany,拿起电话,拨(614)349-3332. We look forward to adding you to our family of happy customers.

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